​Just yesterday, everyone's favorite Falcon, S2J, parted ways with his former sponsor Melee it On Me.  Melee it On Me is sort of a stepping stool in the realm of Melee sponsors.  A really really strong stepping stool made of durable material.  For years they have picked up great players and nurtured them with financial help, and exposure.

​​Tempo Storm is no stranger to the Melee scene.  Last year they picked up both Axe, and Westballz.  Earlier this week Westballz and Tempo Storm separated.  He was picked up by G2 Esports shortly after.  His departure left room for Tempo Storm's Melee roster.

It's poetic that the two rivals who play each other almost every week would help each other out at the end of the day, even if it is unintentional.