​Don't look now, Red Sox fans, but a big trade may be in the works.

The chemistry and respect between David Ortiz and Jose Fernandez was on full display at the All-Star Game.

Maybe this means the two will soon be teammates.

​​After walking Big Papi in the bottom of the third inning, the two All-Stars had a moment. Papi began his trot to first base while pointing and making a joke at Fernandez. Fernandez laughed and joked back. Ortiz was then treated to the most memorable farewell in any recent All-Star game.

Fernandez's ball inside clearly did not have any malicious intent, as evidenced by both of their smiles. Ortiz probably made a smart remark to the Miami hurler about his comments before the game.

Though Papi didn't hit a homer and Fernandez didn't throw three fastballs down the middle, their friendly relationship was easy to see.

Will this moment help to get Fernandez in a Red Sox jersey this season?

The Red Sox are among the teams speculated to be shopping for a front-end pitching stud before the non-waiver deadline. Rumors have become rampant about which hurlers they are targeting. The list includes Rich Hill of the Oakland Athletics, Jeremy Hellickson of the Philadelphia Phillies, Jake Odorizzi of the Tampa Bay Rays, and Fernandez, of course, among many, many others.

If Ortiz has any say in Boston's management decisions, the team will really be targeting Jose Fernandez in the coming weeks.

Ortiz is leaning on his unprecedented respect in the Red Sox organization to send a not-so-subtle message to the big guys upstairs.

After the game, Ortiz spoke to the media and directly addressed his opinion about the young pitching ace. He flat-out said, "I want him in my rotation. We need a little help. Who knows?"

Message sent and hopefully received, Boston fans. There's a high likelihood that David Ortiz's retirement gift to the Red Sox will be helping bring in Jose Fernandez for years to come.