Ever since the draft, Jaylen Brown's favorite catch phrase has been, "Rome wasn't built in a day." 

The Celtics are hoping that's true.

And after seeing glimpses of what he can do during summer league play, Celtics fans should be excited for the construction of Brown.


If you look at the statistics, you won't love what you see from Brown. The rookie shot 5-26 from the floor during his three summer league games, but has wowed at times with his athleticism. 

He has length that makes him look like Mr. Fantastic at times and he runs the floor like a gazelle. Sure, Brown is raw. The good thing about Brown's situation? The Celtics don't need the rookie to step into big minutes right away. And he already appears to add another freak defender to their stockroom.

Players never get to develop in the NBA anymore. Brown has the unique situation where his freakish 19 year-old self can spend his first season strictly developing. 

At times, Brown looks like a puppy who's getting to run in the backyard for the first time. The Cal product has never gotten to play with the space and speed that he will in the NBA, a setting he will surely thrive in. 

Brown has already fit into Boston's trap of de-emphasizing shooting ability, but fans knew this would happen. Brown's biggest flaw when he was drafted was his shooting, which is one of the easiest things to develop as a pro. LeBron couldn't shoot when he first entered the NBA. Now look at him.

Brown might not be someone who will get any All-Star votes this season, or any Rookie of the Year votes, for that matter. Yet sometimes, the things that take the longest to develop make you appreciate them more. 

For Celtics fans, they just need to be patient, and wait for the construction of Rome.

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