​Four police officers quit their positions as security for the Minnesota Lynx following a press conference denouncing violence in the community.

The president of the Minneapolis Police Federation, Bob Kroll, commended the officers for standing up for their values.

The officers not only walked out of the Lynx's game Monday night, but they also promised to remove themselves from all future events. 

The officers responded to a press conference held by four Lynx players in which they wore shirts mentioning the recent victims of police violence (Philando Castle and Alton Sterling).

The shirts read "change starts with us: justice & accountability". It also features the Dallas Police Department logo and Black Lives Matter in a way that is meant to represent unity. 

The Lynx also wore the shirts in warmups, and the officers did not like it. Team captain Maya Moore attempted to tame the controversy last night before the game.

"If we take this time to see that this is a human issue and speak out together, we can greatly decrease fear and create change,” Moore said. “Tonight we will be wearing shirts to honor and mourn the losses of precious American citizens and to plead for change in all of us.”

When asked about the morality of the decision of the officers to walk out, Kroll took a shot at the Lynx and WNBA.

"They only have four officers working the event because the Lynx have such a pathetic draw,” he said. 

This controversy mirrors a discussion being echoed around the country regarding police violence and race. It's a conversation worth having, but one many of us are struggling to approach with an open mind.