Don't lose hope yet Miami fans. 

On Saturday, ​Dwyane Wade spoke to reporters in Miami for the first time since he verbally committed to join the Chicago Bulls. 

Wade was wistful and emotional as he talked about leaving the organization he embodied for the past 13 years.

Wade went on to speak about his much-talked-about relationship with Heat president Pat Riley. Wade acknowledged that he was upset with Riley. It sounds like the decision he made to leave Miami may have been an emotional one.

Then, Wade began to sound regretful about his decision. He proclaimed that he wished he "had another month" to decide his future.

It was at this time that another Miami reporter, Jason Lieser of The Palm Beach Post, pointed out the fact that Wade hasn't signed anything yet, and Chicago has made no formal announcements.

​​Lieser would go on to cite other examples of verbal commitments being broken, including the much-publicized DeAndre Jordan saga last summer. 

Is there a chance Wade reneges on his promise to come to Chicago and re-signs with the Heat? As we've seen before, anything is possible until the agreement is in ink. 

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