​With free agency in full swing, the Hassan Whiteside rumors are floating fast and loose.

So loose, in fact, that we've already seen some espionage.

Earlier Monday evening, a strange Twitter DM, purported to be from Whiteside to a female companion, leaked in NBA circles. In the message, Whiteside said he was moving to LA (to play for the Lakers?) and was remarkably obnoxious to a woman in a matter of two seconds.

It was suspicious, to say the least.

​​Naturally, basketball Twitter launched an investigation. Who was this mysterious woman? This seemed too nonsensical to be true, yes?

Well, then the edges of her Photoshop began to show.


​​Hmm...that's pretty incriminating. I assume she apologized? Let everyone have their cake and eat it, too?

Nope. This mysterious person deleted her account.

Nothing to see here! Just the beginning of what will surely be an all-over-the-place free agency frenzy.

Somebody call a medic. Don't mess with NBA Twitter. Sorry, Hassan!

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