Jordan Rodgers led Vanderbilt to a 9-4 record in 2012, while throwing 15 touchdown passes against just five interceptions. 

This is the same Jordan Rodgers that is still alive on season 12 of the Bachelorette. 

Yeah, that guy. 

The two-time NFL MVP's little brother has gained a bit of notoriety in the past month because of his appearance on the show. The wildly-popular program has eliminated 18 would-be soulmates since the first episode aired on May 23rd. Jordan now finds himself pitted against seven strapping young men as they battle for Joelle "JoJo" Fletcher's heart. 

His newfound popularity brought him to Katie Nolan's sports show "Garbage Time," and Ms. Nolan posed an interesting question to him: "How close would you say you are with Aaron?” 

His answer set the gossip machine into hyperdrive. After giving it a second of thought he said, "Um, I, you know, we have, we have a relationship, we, you know, it’s, ah, it’s, ah … it’s complicated. I’ll say that.” 


He later made sure to tell Nolan that he was a huge Packer fan and his favorite player is...left tackle David Bakhtiari.

That's weird, though being the little brother of a Super Bowl champ probably is a little awkward.