After getting blown out of their own building by the Kansas City Chiefs, 30-0, in the Divisional playoffs last year, the Houston Texans main goal this offseason was to add some juice to their offense. 

By adding running backs Lamar Miller and Tyler Ervin, along with receivers Will Fuller and Braxton Miler, they now have some of the fastest players in the league. 

The question heading into the 2016 season is whether this added speed will be enough to propel the Texans deep into the postseason. 

The fans clearly seemed pleased with the new additions to the team.  

Mike DiRocco, a reporter for the Jacksonville Jaguars, said the following about the Houston Texans' offensive potential. 

 "I say potential because everything hinges on whether quarterback Brock Osweiler is any good. All that speed will be useless if Osweiler can't get the Texans in the right play and deliver the ball on time and in the right spot."

Mike Wells of the Indianapolis Colts suggested the Texans have the playmakers to be lethal. 

"Osweiler has everything at his disposal to finally have Houston's offense lend a helping hand to J.J. Watt and the defense. Two running backs in Ervin and Lamar Miller. Receivers Fuller and Braxton Miller to go with DeAndre Hopkins. You're potentially looking at a pretty lethal offense and one that will be difficult to stop because of the speed they have at receiver and in the backfield."

If Bill O'Brien can maximize the potential of this high-octane offensive group, the rest of the NFL should watch out for the Houston Texans this fall.