​We knew Madison Bumgarner wanted to be in the Home Run Derby. Sure. Sounds nice, but unlikely.

Earlier Sunday, we found out Jake Arrieta wants in. Yeah. Nice. No problem. Still unlikely.

But wait. Hold on. Are people actually discussing this?

Turns out, internally, YES. A PITCHER'S HOME RUN DERBY is in the WORKS.

​​Gang, this is amazing. Who knows if anything comes to fruition? But the fact that Giants management deemed it worthy of discussing means a ton to me.

Mets hurler Noah Syndergaard, of course, knows who belongs in this whole shebang, though. Hint: not him.

​​Bumgarner. Arrieta. Colon. The truest of true skills competitions.

All-Star Weekend needs a pitcher dinger contest. It needs a bunch of outfielders throwing curveballs. It needs Gold Glovers playing defense without their gloves on.

There's a lot to be done. But a Pitcher Home Run Derby would be incredible. It wouldn't "ruin their swings". It would just be flawless.

Let's lock it down.

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