​If you need a news story to become inflamed, you know just who to call: ESPN's 'First Take' disasters Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless.

On Wednesday morning's show, Stephen A. and Skip worked themselves up into a well-manicured frenzy over rumblings of PED suspicions around Cubs ace Jake Arrieta. Once again, not accusations. Simply people whispering, "He's very good and that could've come from steroids. Life is unpredictable."

Still, the screaming boys had a field day.

One man wasn't OK with the discourse, however: Arrieta himself. 

Naturally, he had some choice words for Mr. Smith.

And did Stephen A. fight back? Double up on his accusatory tone? Puff up his chest and blow out a funnel of hot wind?

No. He tried to make a new friend.

Stephen A., you are the weakest man alive. Congrats on populating the world with more suspicion, though! We could always use more baseless suspicion.