NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 21:  Aaron Hicks #31 of the New York Yankees catches a foul ball for an out in the fourth inning against the Oakland Athletics at Yankee Stadium on April 21, 2016 in the Bronx borough of New York City.  (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

7 Best Outfield Arms In Yankees History

​Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks gunned a runner out at home on a throw that was recorded at 105.5 mph on Wednesday night. That is the hardest throw on record, ever. Hicks continues a storied tradition of Yankees outfielders having cannons. Here are the seven best in their history, before Hicks arrived. 

7. Paul O'Neill

​The right fielder for the Yankees during their greatest times around the turn of the millennium, O'Neill was underrated as a defender. He was a great all-around player, and could throw a strike from the outfield to gun down any runner. 

6. Bobby Abreu

​While he didn't have the arm strength with the Yankees that he did earlier in his career, Abreu still had one of the most accurate arms in the game and was great at catching fly balls. Some have faulted him for his defense, but his arm was a major strength. 

5. Gary Sheffield

​With his uncle being Doc Gooden, it is easy to see where Sheffield got his arm talent from. While he was near the end of career when he became a Yankee, and was the DH often, Sheffield still had opportunities to show he had one of the better arms in team history. 

4. Dave Winfield

​Winfield had such a powerful arm, that it got him in trouble sometimes. In 1983, while warming up in the outfield, he hit a seagull with a throw that killed it instantly. He was charged by police with animal cruelty, but would have the charges dropped. Runners had no chance against him, either. 

3. Bob Meusel

Players and coaches from Meusel's time swear he had the greatest arm ever. Runners knew not to run on his arm, as he could make an accurate throw to any spot. He has always been an overlooked part of Yankees history. 

2. Babe Ruth

It is no surprise that Babe Ruth had a strong outfield arm, considering he began his career as a pitcher. In his career, he had over 200 outfield assists. It was not smart to run on "The Babe", one of the greatest all-around players ever. 

1. Mickey Mantle

​Mantle had 117 career outfield assists, which would be much larger if runners didn't learn not to run on him. As good of a defender as he was a hitter, nobody threw the ball as hard from the outfield as Mantle did. While we don't know if he threw it harder than 105.5 mph, I wouldn't doubt it.