​With the news that Josh Gordon failed another drug test last month, many are thinking this may be the last straw for the talented Browns wide receiver. 

On ESPN's 'First Take', Stephen A. Smith could not hold back on the subject. Watch his rant below. 


Smith is clearly upset that an extremely talented kid is throwing away his career because he can't stop smoking weed. He went on to say that Gordon deserves any punishment he gets if this report is true, and should be forced to go to rehab. 

While Smith can lay it on thick at times, he seems to truly be bothered by these latest events. 

Gordon's latest miscue seems to be a giant obstacle in his way to being reinstated to the NFL. The Browns could surely use some good news these days and this definitely was not it.

If he never manages to pass an exam again, it's safe to say he'll be out of the league. So far, he's undefeated with regards to failure.