​It's been a rough week for John Wall and the Washington Wizards. 

First, they were eliminated from the playoffs as the Pistons locked up the final seed in the East. In an apparent attempt to make up the loss to fans (or just get people to come to their now-meaningless last home game), the Wizards announced that they will be giving out John Wall bobbleheads at the game. 

Only one problem: the bobblehead looks nothing like him. 

​​You have a 25-year-old All Star PG who has averaged more than a double-double this season and you can't even get his bobblehead to remotely resemble him? C'mon Wizards. 

Now, to be fair, this is leaps and bounds closer than Washington's first attempt at a Wall bobblehead. I mean, just look. 

​​I didn't realize Forest Whitaker was actually the PG for the Wizards, not John Wall. Learn something new every day.