​Russell Wilson is looking quite beefy these days. 

Apparently, Wilson took a page out of the 2014 Eddie Lacy diet program and has seemingly packed on a few pounds in the offseason. Russell was recently spotted at Disneyland with his new fiancé Ciara and her son, and the Seahawks quarterback looked to be heavier than the 203 pounds he is listed at on the Seattle roster. 

However, the weight gain for the diminutive signal-caller is probably a good thing, and at least one former quarterback agrees. Brock Huard, who played five seasons in the NFL (four of which came with Seattle) admitted that Wilson's weight gain is probably for the better. 

"His weight will fluctuate." Huard said in ​an interview with Eric Mandel of 710 AM ESPN Seattle. "I think he will be a 210-225 guy, and I think he’ll be a bigger guy when he’s done (with the game). Quite honestly, would I rather have him be a 200 or 205-pound guy year round? No. I’d rather have him be able to absorb a lot of the hits that he’s taken.”

Huard makes a solid argument, especially when you factor in all the hits Wilson has taken throughout his career as a mobile quarterback. Also, Seattle's line is not doing him much favors, as Wilson was sacked 45 times last season. Even worse, with starting left tackle Russell Okung moving on to Denver, theres a good chance he will be dropped at an even higher rate next season. 

The former Seattle QB also doesn't believe that Wilson will lose much speed with his weight gain, citing the quarterback's proven ability to lose 5-10 pounds with relative ease before training camp rolls around. 

Its safe to say Wilson's weight gain should not be viewed as much of a red flag, at least not yet. As long as Russell  doesn't turn into "JaMarcus Russell Wilson", the added weight should only help the quarterback's longevity in the NFL.