​General life tips:

1. Do not drive 118 miles per hour, unless you are a certified NASCAR driver.

2. If, God forbid, you find yourself driving 118 miles per hour, do not document your law-breaking on Snapchat.

Draymond Green unfortunately failed both of these guidelines yesterday.

​​It's unclear if Green was actually driving the car, or if he was just a passenger. He deleted the video soon after posting it, but not before ​TMZ Sports captured it for posterity.

After the Warriors disposed of the Clippers last night, Green was asked about the video and called it "bad judgement."

The Warriors said in a statement that they would be addressing the video with Draymond after the game, adding, ​"We hold all of our players and staff members to a high standard that sends a positive message and example to our fans and the community in general."

Draymond Green: ​awesome at basketball, significantly less awesome at social media.