15 Hilarious Memes About Trump, Brady, Manziel and More

​It's not NFL season, but that doesn't mean we can't laugh at some of these hilarious tweets and memes about the NFL offseason.

15. Thank God There's Still Something Exciting Besides Football

​If there's no NFL, we can at least watch Steph Curry jack up ridiculous three after ridiculous three. The Warriors have become must watch T.V., and it's all thanks to Steph's magic. It's entertaining, but it's still no replacement for that hard hitting football.

14. The Future President of America Looks into His Crystal Ball

Let's just hope that Donald Trump isn't completely wrong about everything he says. This prediction didn't work out so well for him. I'm not sure his prediction for the wall around Mexico that will be created by the Mexican government  will be coming to fruition either. 

13. Cam Newton Has Lots of Haters

​If he wins the next Super Bowl, nobody will care what Cam Newton's attitude is like. Until then, I suggest Cam starts diving and hustling when he fumbles the football. I don't think Cam's attitude will be improving much in the offseason.

12. Mark Sanchez: New Place, Same Face?

​Broncos fans aren't so thrilled to have Mark Sanchez on the roster. This picture is an accurate representation of how Mark has played over his NFL career and now he's bringing his talents to Denver where he can continue his trashy play.

11. College Basketball is Just Not the Same as NFL

​We all know that college basketball and March Madness itself is awesome. But nothing can really replace that hard-hitting, high-action Sunday football that fans have come to know and love. Ugh, why is football season not longer? C'mon Goodell, get on it.

10. Don't Fine Me Bro

​We all know the answer to this question: Marshawn just doesn't want to be fined. He'll talk in Skittles commercials but not to reporters. Now that he's retired, Marshawn won't have to talk to any reporters and all we'll have are these older memes. Come back, Marshawn!

9. The Broncos Are Desperate For a New Quarterback

​If you thought Mark Sanchez was bad, wait until you see John Elway's new replacement quarterback, Meyton Panning. In a desperation move, Elway chose to sign a player who had displayed smarts on the football field but had a bit of a noodle arm. What Elway will do next is anybody's guess.

8. Trump is Back, But You'll Never Guess Who Supports Him

​The future president of the U.S. isn't shy about making guarantees, and there's at least one person out there who is in full support of the man. Who is this mystery NFL player you ask? It's the man right below Mr. Trump.

7. Tom Brady Supports Trump??? WHY?

​Surprisingly, Tom Brady is in full support of the Trump presidency. Known as one of Trump's many close friends, he has refused to officially endorse Trump, but actually is supporting the man who believes that a wall paid for by the president of Mexico will fix all of our problems.

6. How the Buffalo Bills Finally Get a Lombardi Trophy

​As a Buffalo Bills fan, this seems to be the only way that the team will get a Lombardi Trophy in my lifetime. So, after Bernie loses the election, he should run for commissioner and finally get the Buffalo Bills the Lombardi they deserve.

5. Hillary Wants Tom Brady's Support

​Hillary is infamous for her role in the Benghazi scandal, and she can reapply her skills to helping Tom Brady out. Maybe if she helps Brady, he'll defect and reluctantly support Hillary in her campaign endeavors rather than Donald Trump.

4. Trump Gains NFL Voters

​Trump's ingenious plan continues as he appeals to every single fan base in the NFL that is not the Eagles. Those Eagles fans are some of the most annoying people on Earth, and you know what, that's not a bad idea, maybe I will vote for Trump...God, I can't believe I just wrote that.

3. Homer is All of Us

Now that football is out of our lives until the fall, what are we going to do without it? Probably just go into withdrawal like Homer here until our favorite teams come back on in the fall. Oh, and the draft is also still happening soon.

2. Johnny Manziel Pretends to be an NFL Quarterback

​The Browns drafted another quarterback who turned out to be a massive flop in the NFL, big surprise. Johnny Manziel played the role of quarterback at A+M well enough to be a first round NFL draft pick, but he quickly fell out of favor with the Browns organization for his constant immaturity. Now he's gone.

1. Peyton Pokes Fun at His Brother

Peyton wasn't quite as grim-faced as his brother after winning the Super Bowl, so he rubbed it into his cardboard cutout bro following the victory. Maybe next year Eli will actually show a little emotion if the Giants somehow figure out how to be competitive again.

This article is a list of some of the funniest tweets and memes of this year's NFL offseason.