​We all know Tom Brady will go down as one of the best quarterbacks of all-time and will be a definite Hall of Famer. Over the span of his career, he has proven his initial doubters wrong and has put up mind-bending numbers. However, we also know quite a bit about Brady off the field due to his widely-followed Facebook page. Here is a list of things that Brady is a fan of... besides throwing touchdowns and winning Super Bowls. 

1. Staying In Shape

Brady recently launched a new health and wellness website and also opened the "TB12 Sports Therapy Center" in Foxboro which helps people and athletes get and stay in shape. He also has a ​ridiculous diet that he and wife Gisele stick to stringently.

2. Chilling In The #Chillzone

As chronicled on his Facebook page, Brady enters what he calls the #Chillzone to relax and look at game film at home. Often times he kicks up his feet and shows off his manly Uggs as well (promotion never hurts, right?). 

3. Photoshopping

As shown many times throughout the season, Brady (or whoever he assigns the task to) puts out some hilarious Photoshopped images.

4. Spending Time With Gisele

​​Who wouldn't love spending time with perhaps the most famous model of all-time? It's obvious that Brady is head-over-heels for the "love of his life"... and I think we'd all appreciate the view in the picture above.

5. Getting In On The Mascot Game

As shown in the video above, it seems as though Brady is a natural and certainly has put on mascot costumes before.

6. Playing With His Dogs

Brady definitely loves his dogs Lua and Scooby. I mean... he even got Lua a jersey. 

7. Spending Time With The Kiddos

Brady has three kids and seems to adore spending time with them (when he's not dressed up as a turkey scaring them...). The family has been on ​some incredible vacations together as well.

8. "Dancing"

As Brady noted, the moves from the Edelman and Gronkowski School of Dance are paying off. Classic!

Brady is living the absolute dream... both on and off the field.