San Antonio Spurs center Boban Marjanovic is a modern day giant. The 7 foot 3 Marjanovic lives under the rim and it doesn't take much for him to grab rebounds and dunk the ball. 

When the Spurs faced the Mavericks Sunday, he proved to the world that he owns the paint. After Danny Green missed the shot, Boban collected the rebound and proceeded to posterize Mavericks player Jeremy Evans:

The Spurs rookie has already mastered not only the poster dunk but also an intimidating stare down. Kobe Bryant has the Mamba Stare and it looks like Boban Marjanovic has the Boban Stare.

It all makes sense though, Boban just wanted his 15 seconds of fame or in his case, his two seconds of fame. But what was the reason for the weird hug? We will never know but he did disclose this after the game:

In the same game another awkward encounter happened. 

The referees missed a critical technical foul that Zara Pachulia committed against Patty Mills. Diaw Instagrammed a picture of Zara giving Mills what looked like an unwanted prostate exam. 

Check out the picture below:

For some reason, this doesn't even look like an accident. Poor Patty, hopefully next time the refs will see it.