Sometimes when you're on the wrong end of a butt-kicking, and nothing is going your way, you tend to take out your frustration on the other team for no particular reason. In the middle of a horrific game, ​Russell Westbrook did just that, getting physical with both ​Klay Thompson and Kevon Looney. All the Warriors duo could do was laugh it off. ​

With all the tough guy bravado Russ brings to the game, the laughing in his face as his team is getting trampled had to be pretty emasculating. ​​

Last night was one of those nights where Westbrook needs to burn the tape and start fresh. He picked up his 16th technical foul, which will earn him a one-game suspension. 

​​His ​stats were just as bad. He scored a mere seven points on 2-16 shooting while going 0-7 from three. The Warriors ended up stomping the Thunder to the tune of 110-88. Ouch.

​​Westbrook will be back, and the Thunder will still be a problem in the playoffs, but last night was a horror show from every angle.