​Suggesting Kelvin Benjamin and the Panthers were a 'bad fit' would be an understatement, yet it's a description that former Carolina draft pick has given quite often of late.

Benjamin took parting shots at Carolina and Cam Newton, and fans have responded in kind, specifically pointing out Benjamin's lack of production without Cam, and the fact that the former top draft pick showed up to camp overweight.

Kelvin was quick to set the record straight, but it's unlikely to appease Panther Nation.

Technically Benjamin isn't wrong, but it's never a good look to come to camp weighing 275. Mandatory or not, the current Bills wideout should think twice before considering that strategy in Buffalo.

Benjamin gave one final rebuttal, with the hopes of ending this conversation once and for all. It's unlikely, however, that Panther fans will agree to this sentiment.

​​The Panthers-Benjamin split seems to have worked well for both sides, with Kelvin now having the opportunity to prove himself without Cam at the helm. Whether he'll grow to regret burning this bridge is another question entirely.