​David Wright is one of the greatest Mets players of all time, but the 35-year-old hasn't had a big-league at bat since 2016. He's played in just 75 games in the last three years combined.

Wright is still trying to make a comeback after suffering a host of injuries, but the third baseman got another discouraging ​update recently-- he cannot begin baseball activities for at least another eight weeks.

​​Unfortunately for the Mets, whether or not Wright plays, the team is on the hook for $47 million over the next three seasons. Imagine spending over $15 million per year just to watch Wright attempt a long-shot recovery. 

Yeah, not pretty.

Wright has the second-largest contract on the books for the Metropolitans this season, and is financially choking a team that generally focuses more on saving money than spending it. Thankfully for the team, Wright's contract comes with insurance, so the team will have to pay out a fraction of his actual deal if Wright cannot return to the field.

​​Still, Wright's contract is a significant burden on a Mets team that can't afford to carry bad contracts. If Wright really wants to help the Mets, he should forego his massive salary figures over the next three seasons and ​retire as soon as possible.