There are plenty of reasons why the Broncos finished last in their division despite high expectations. 

If you're looking to play the blame game, you can reasonably point to the quarterback position as the reason behind the team's struggles, which is why they're going all-in on Kirk Cousins. You can even blame the defense that finished 22nd in points allowed per game.

Or you can take the same route as Aqib Talib and blame the media.

The Broncos' cornerback fired back on Twitter after Denver Post columnist Mark Kiszla called him the reason Denver finished 5-11 last season. 

​​Talib does have a good point. 

The veteran corner has never been someone who's going to shy away from saying exactly what's on his mind. After a disappointing season where he received a lot of negative attention, you had to assume he'd have some choice words for those who continued to drag him through the mud. 

Luckily for Talib, he likely won't have to deal with Kiszla for much longer as he was ​reportedly put on the trade block. 

​​As someone who is currently writing about Talib, he's a great cornerback with a level head on his shoulders. Now if he ever reads this, we'll know who he recommends replaces Kiszla at the Denver Post.