​J.D. Martinez is the best free agent hitter on the market right now. That means he'll be signing for some big bucks this offseason. 

Well, that fact, partnered with the fact that Scott Boras is his agent, seals the deal.

Many teams are interested in the slugger, who is coming off a historically successful year. It's been reported that multiple ​teams have made offers to Martinez already, with the Red Sox likely in the lead.

Unfortunately for those teams, Martinez and Boras are steadfast in their asking price, and it doesn't seem like they're willing to jump through hoops to make something happen.

Sources close to Martinez indicate that he could wait until Spring Training to get the money he feels he deserves.

Are you kidding?

Martinez and Boras are asking for a deal ​somewhere in the six-year/$180 million range. He's looking for around $30 million a year, and is reportedly not interested in anything fewer than six years, something absolutely no contender's been willing to discuss so far.

Martinez's value is based on his incredible 2017 season, in which he hit .303 with 45 home runs and a .690 slugging. Oh, and that was in 119 games.

With his 162 game average around the 60 home run mark, Martinez feels he's worth as much, if not more, than any free agent position player on the market.

The question is, will any team be willing to pay that much? If teams are as interested as advertised, it's only a matter of time before the slugger signs with someone.