​The Marlins ownership has changed hands from Jeffrey Loria to the Derek Jeter-led group. One of the guys who left with Loria is David Samson, the former president of the Marlins, who was let go once Jeter came into town.

Now that he is free from the shackles of running the team, Samson is able to say whatever he wants about the Marlins.

As you might imagine, he's not holding back. 

​​Samson had a series of great quotes in the interview. 

Of Jeter managing the organization he said, "Maybe he has a plan, I just can't figure out what it is." 

When asked about not being kept on the staff as president he said, "I am being paid not to work, which doesn't suck."

Samson even addressed the Giancarlo Stanton trade in the interview, saying, “It’s a horrible clause to give to players. It is a big regret I have that I broke our rule and gave him a no trade clause. It’s paralyzing. He is holding the team hostage because he can and it’s the power we gave him.”

Let's all hope for more David Samson interviews in the future.