Apparently, reporters for the Cleveland Browns need to be as dysfunctional as the team itself. 

With the Browns either taking a quarterback or trading away the No.1 pick, fans all over Cleveland are desperate to find any early indication on their future. 

Unfortunately, they won't be receiving any insight from their own analysts, as ​Tony Grossi was caught lying about the NFL Combine. 

When first asked about the quarterbacks, which is clearly the biggest need on the Browns, Grossi tweeted out that he went home instead. 

​​Saying this alone is already a bad look, as Grossi should have watched the quarterback drills to give Cleveland fans another perspective on this draft class. 

However, Grossi wasn't done making a complete fool out of himself, as he then responded again to the same exact tweet. 

​​Is this some type of cruel joke being played on Nathan Toft, who asked the question?

The Cleveland Browns fanbase is dying for their franchise to find that star quarterback, yet they can't even have their own reporters scout the crop of talent. 

Sure, ​Josh Allen did actually have a nice day and interview with the Browns, but Grossi must have watched from his TV like the rest of us. 

Mr. Grossi, you definitely have a lot of explaining to do.