Edgar Martinez is definitely a deserving Hall of Famer, but with only about a 3 percent chance of being elected Wednesday, according to those who track these things, most Edgar backers had definitely packed it in earlier in the morning.

This Hall of Fame class, already stacked, had a bit of everything. Some first timers, some shoo-ins, some first timer shoo-ins, and even some alleged steroid users kicking up dirt and nipping at election's heels.

But Edgar stands alone as the one borderline case. ​His statistics deserve more recognition and fans hoped for an ​emotional push that would get him into Cooperstown, prior to his final season on the ballot next year.

It looked like there indeed was one, as Logan Morrison's recent Instagram post may have leaked one of the results. 

The caption reads: Didn’t know you as a player, but as a hitting coach and more importantly as a human being. You are more than deserving of this honor. People don’t know how much you struggled just to see the ball..... true story. The eye doctor in Seattle would do drills with him that would end up with the doc punching Edgar in his stomach. Point is Edgar, you over came more than most, achieved more than most, and I am so happy that you are the first DH ever elected. You would never say this bc you are a class act, but it’s about damn time! #HOF #ClassOf2018 #SomeonesSignatureJustGotLonger​​

Uh...what? What do you know, LoMo?!

This seems fairly certain. Who leaked this? Did LoMo just go off the projection? If so, he didn't delete it.

In an hour, we'll know if Morrison is a soothsayer, leaker, or just another hopeful Edgar fan.