​If you watch the news today (or any day, for that matter), you are aware of the issues in American society.

Sports have become a platform for addressing societal problems, and we saw a prime example of that in Boston Wednesday night.

At the Boston Red Sox-Oakland Athletics game at Fenway Park, fans seated on top of the Green Monster unfurled a giant banner that read, "Racism is as American as Baseball."

​​The sign hung for about two minutes before security removed the sign and the fans from the stadium. There was no mention of the sign on the NESN broadcast.

Boston fans have come under fire in regards to race relations this past year. One event in particular involved some Red Sox fans hurling racial slurs at Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones during a game this past May.

With the hard times that this country is going through, it is no surprise that someone would exercise their First Amendment rights to express how they feel about race relations in the United States.

While the banner was shown for two minutes, the impact it has made on social media will certainly last a long time.