​I guess the dream is still alive for Ryan Howard. 

Howard is one of the most powerful hitters to have graced Major League Baseball in the past decade. He's also one of the most one-dimensional stars to have have played the game in any decade. That made for what looked like a sudden retirement for the first baseman. 

But, it looks like the Rockies are giving him another shot. 

In news that came seemingly out of nowhere, Howard and the Rockies have agreed to a minor league deal. It isn't clear why they decided it was necessary to bring Howard in at the minor league level, but they're reporting the move themselves. 

This is a bizarre turn of events, but it might actually be possible that Howard could see time for Colorado in September. Mark Reynolds has done a decent job at first base in the absence of Ian Desmond, but you never know. 

Howard could do some incredible things at Coors Field, you'd just have to look past his average that barely creeps over .200. The Braves him a chance in the minors earlier this year. 

Now it's time to see if he can take advantage of this chance with Colorado.