​While no Cowboys fan wanted to hear their worst fears confirmed Friday afternoon, it seemed fairly clear after the NFL's massive suspension ruling that they believed Ezekiel Elliott's ex-girlfriend's stories over the testimony of ​Zeke himself.

It seemed clear that the ​physical evidence the NFL had in their arsenal was fairly damning and upsetting, and now that TMZ has leaked some of the photographs involved in the case, it's clear why.

The repeated instances of bruising that this graphic imagery shows certainly paint Elliott in a negative light.

​​For those who spent the better part of the day claiming the league had "no evidence," we present these images without commentary.

If you'd like to spend your free time defending Elliott and speaking ill of someone you know equally little about, then that's your prerogative.

To the world at large, these new photographs are beyond concerning and dictate a pattern of behavior that will earn anyone six games away from the field, at the very least.