After waves of big league names who safely made it across the waiver wire this past week, it turns out ​Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler bucked the trend. Reports leaked Friday afternoon that the slugging second baseman did not make it through revocable waivers. 

The question now is, who claimed him? 

​​The whole waiver stuff is a little confusing. This does not necessarily mean Kinsler will be going to the team who claimed him. The Tigers have the option to trade him to this team, hand this team Kinsler and his contract, or revoke the entire "waiver" thing altogether and keep him. 

The Tigers should look to begin a rebuild, so this may be the start of it. The veteran second baseman could be a huge addition to a playoff contender and would really help Detroit get the ball rolling further on a rebuild (though August acquisitions are never quite as bountiful as July 31 moves).

In the meantime, we will have to wait and see who the team is that claimed Kinsler, and what happens next.