How's that slot receiver conundrum going to sort itself out in Philly this season, you ask?

Apparently, Nelson Agholor's impressed the powers that be in camp enough that they've decided he's no fluke.

And at the drop of a hat, Jordan Matthews has now been dealt to Buffalo to fill the vacancy they just created by sending Sammy Watkins to the Rams.

Mental. Bonkers. Seriously.

We wouldn't believe this if the team hadn't announced it themselves.

Clearly, the Carolina-imported regime in Buffalo is sick of the stasis and is tired of your jokes. They believe in Jordan Matthews and acquiring assets, and they'll give him every chance to stick in a role Watkins kept vacating via injury.

​Matthews has nursed injuries himself so far this offseason, and hasn't exactly been pain-free during his career. Looks like the Bills are banking on him taking a massive leap forward on the outside. The third-round pick they'll add, too, while only surrendering Ronald Darby, looks to be in lock step with the team's newfound philosophy.