​There's something weird going on in Los Angeles. 

First, star slugger Justin Turner announced to the world that ​despite his bronchitis, he would be out there with his teammates today. Is it worth the risk? Sure, I guess so. 

But that's the least of Dodgers fans worries now. Superstar pitcher Clayton Kershaw took the mound today, but there was some weird stuff going on after just two innings, and something was clearly up. 

​​Fans and analysts quickly noted that something was wrong with Kershaw, and it went downhill fast from there. 

All of a sudden, Ross Stripling was warming up for the Dodgers, and the whispers started filling the stadium. 

​​As Stripling continued to warm up, Kershaw proceeded to talk to trainers on the bench, and ultimately left the dugout with the medical staff. 

Worry quickly filled the hearts of every Dodger fan, as their top pitcher disappeared from sight only two innings into his game.

Speculation is quickly filling the air as to what could be wrong with Kershaw, and many believe that perhaps he is also dealing with a bout of bronchitis, as Justin Turner is as well. ​​

​​But there is even more speculation that he's injured, with what we do not yet know. 

Stay tuned for updates as to what led to Kershaw being pulled. Until then, try not to hyperventilate with fear Dodgers fans.