​There you have it folks. 

Nine years ago, O.J. Simpson was sentenced to prison for his role in an armed robbery and kidnapping attempt. On top of those charges, he was also charged with use of a deadly weapon in the case. 

Today, after serving the past nine years in prison, O.J. Simpson has been granted parole, and will be a free man in the coming months. 

​​Simpson appeared in front of a board of parole commissioners earlier this afternoon to plead his case, and explain why he deserved freedom. After his testimony and the testimony of others (including some key figures in the prior case), the counsel voted 4-0 that he deserved parole, basing their decision entirely on the sports memorabilia case that preceded his sentence.

While the hearing seemed to go ​sideways at times, Simpson proved that he had served his time with respect and dignity, and thus was deserving of the shortened sentence. 

So, there it is. Official. Nothing more to say.