​Wow. Just...wow.

The timing just couldn't be any more bizarre.

Seemingly out of nowhere, the Carolina Panthers canned their general manager on Monday morning, ending the tenure of one of the more successful executives in recent team memory.

The team went 6-10 last season, but prior to that, went to the Super Bowl, only to lose to the Denver Broncos. The offseason wasn't inspiring outside of the drafting of Christian McCaffrey, but firing the general manager a week before training camp begins makes no sense.

Since taking charge in 2013, Gettleman has seen the emergence of Cam Newton, the decline of the once-vaunted offensive line, and the odd contract stalemate that resulted in Josh Norman's departure.

Earlier today, there were reports ​about Gettleman's priorities in the coming days.

Now, his only priorities will be finding a new job and moving on with his career.

There's definitely more to this story to come.