​What an absolute nightmare. 

With such high expectations set for the Cowboys this season, it seems like nothing but bad news keeps emerging from this team, especially with superstar running back Ezekiel Elliott. 

The man simply can't just stay out of the news, and not for the right reasons. He's already under investigation from the NFL, and​ was apparently bracing for the possible suspension.

That was even before his latest incident. 

According to reports, Elliott was involved in a late night altercation at a club. 

​​At this point Cowboy fans just have to be begging Elliott to just stay home. 

There's no denying how much talent he has, but the dark cloud that hangs over his head just grows larger in size by the minute. There's no umbrella in the world that can stop the storm that's been brewing above him. 

​​Many were already wondering just how hard the NFL was going to crack down on one of the game's top stars, and if he would maybe get the benefit of the doubt. Now, there's no question they're going to bring the hammer down on him. 

The Dallas police department later confirmed it's investigating an incident, but said there were no arrests made. They didn't mention Ezekiel Elliott in the report. 

We will update this story as more information becomes available.