​Uh oh, this is not what you want to hear in the offseason. 

The Houston Texans had quite a stellar draft this year, as they took their QB of the future in Clemson product Deshaun Watson. However, they got much more than just a QB, as they also snagged a top RB option in Texas product D'Onta Foreman. 

Unfortunately, the off month of July has now claimed another victim. According to reports, Foreman was arrested early this morning on marijuana possession and unlawful weapon charges. 

​​Not a good look at all D'Onta. 

The details of this story are still coming out, but sources claim that the Texans are aware of the issue, but have yet to release any statement. 

​​Even if the police decide not to press any charges against Foreman for this incident, the NFL will likely launch their own investigation and decide on any internal punishment for the third-round draft pick. 

At the moment, he's been released Travis County jail. 

Fortunately, things may not be as bad as initially seemed. 

Foreman recently released a statement, explaining that he was in legal possession of the firearm, and did not have any marijuana in his possession. 

​​Stay tuned for more updates into this situation folks.