​That's one way to fix your bullpen I guess. 

The Washington Nationals are one of the best teams in baseball this season, but one aspect of their team has plagued them throughout the year: their bullpen. Numerous leads have been blown due to their inability to close things out, and the Nats are looking elsewhere to fix it. 

According to reports, the team just finished off a solid trade with the Oakland Athletics to acquire two reliable relief pitchers in righty Ryan Madson and lefty Sean Doolittle. 

​​Madson and Doolittle have been two reliable options for the A's throughout the season, as they carry a 2.06 and 3.38 ERA respectively. Both have also have had the chance to close as well, with Doolittle serving as the clear better option with three saves in four attempts. 

In return, the Nats are sending former closer Blake Treinen, as well as top prospects Jesus Lazardo and Sheldon Neuse out West. 

​​Both Lazardo and Neuse are considered top-10 prospects in the Nationals' system, so this may seem like a pretty hefty return for two veteran relievers. 

But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes. Given all the talent on the Nats roster, you could see why they pulled the trigger.