​Alex Rodriguez has been a marvel to watch on FS1. His short time in the broadcast booth for MLB on FOX has already remarkably mirrored his playing career.

Everything he says seems to leave us divided, contemplating whether we love or hate him. He has brilliant moments and plenty of idiotic ones.

In A-Rod's latest clip of baseball gold, he leaves Frank Thomas (and presumably everyone else in the world) speechless with a proposed trade.

​​"I would not be surprised -- and it's just me, I'm not Ken Rosenthal here, nobody is -- but I would not be surprised, to see Dave Dombrowski pull off blockbuster and getting Miguel Cabrera to the Red Sox," A-Rod said. "Six years, $184 million owed to him. No no-trade clause, and they have the prospects in Boston and the resources with John Henry to make this deal happen."

There are three ways to react to this insanity.

There's the Frank Thomas "What?" reaction.

​​There's the "enjoy A-Rod being A-Rod" reaction.

​​Or there's the "hate A-Rod being A-Rod" reaction.

​​All three reactions are correct. This proposed deal is just insanity. Classic A-Rod, always getting us riled up.