​It's a sad day in the NFL. 

While the NFL has been around since 1920, football was a much more diversified sport back in the day. The AFL was also a prominent league, before the two organizations decided to merge in 1966, when they hosted the first Super Bowl. 

Before this merger, both sides split the biggest names in football, and players would even switch from league to league. Among the AFL's biggest stars was Kentucky Wildcats legend QB Vito "Babe" Parilli, who sadly passed away Saturday. 

​​Parilli was originally drafted into the NFL by the Green Bay Packers, with whom he played his first two seasons and two more seasons later in his career. After his last year with the Packers in 1958, Babe made the jump to the AFL, playing for the Oakland Raiders in his first year. 

Just one season later, Parilli was traded to the then Boston Patriots, where he truly made his impact on the league, making it to three All-Star games. Once the AFL merged with the NFL, Parilli played two more seasons with the Patriots before closing his career with the Jets, with whom he won a Super Bowl as Joe Namath's backup. 

Rest in peace to a true football legend.