Chicago Bulls star Jimmy Butler has become a wanted man and could be on the move soon. 

This is perhaps the most exciting part of the NBA, free agency and the offseason. Anything ​can and has happened. 

Once the season comes to an end, teams heavily focus on ways to further improve their team with some new additions or by cutting the dead weight. Sometimes it's the stars that end up being moved. 

​With so much talk about Paul George and whether he will be traded or not, another superstar may find himself elsewhere very soon. The days of Jimmy Butler in a Bulls uniform may very well be coming to an end as several teams have reached out to the organization in hopes of landing the star. 

​​But Minnesota isn't the only squad interested.

​​While it seems Chicago is willing to part ways with their best player, they will only do so for a steep price. Butler didn't showcase his best skills this postseason having disappeared for much of the Bulls playoff games.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have also reached out to inquire about Butler, a move that comes soon after losing to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. The Cavs may have to part ways with a core player in order to add Butler to the roster. 

​​If the Cavs were able to work out a deal for Butler they would be adding another strong shooter who could most likely handle playing at the pace of the Warriors. As of now Bulls fans should prepare for the worst, because Butler's time in Chicago is coming to an end.