Talk about a class act. 

This past offseason was a bit of a mess for Tony Romo and the Cowboys​. His contract situation was handled extremely poorly, but ultimately, both sides were happy as Romo retired and joined ​CBS as a color commentator

Of course, that situation definitely had an effect on the team's chemistry, as well as Romo's specific relationship with the players. However, Tony refused to let these kinds of things affect the team. 

​​Apparently, Romo told Witten early on back when ​Dak Prescott first took over to not let friendship get in the way of the team, and focus on winning. 

This just shows once again what a teammate Tony Romo was. He never wanted to be in the spotlight, he never wanted things to be about him. It was always about the team to him, even if he had to sit on the bench to prove it. 

That's why he's a true legend.