Chalk it up to some 4/20 magic, because this Cavs star is ready for tonight despite suffering a hamstring injury in Game 2 against the Indiana Pacers. 

And he's not just suiting up only to play a few minutes at the end of the first half. He's starting. 

That's right: Cleveland's J.R. Smith is back in the Cavs starting lineup, even after his hamstring issue caused him to miss the entire second half of Monday night's game.

This is huge news for Cleveland, who despite being heavily favored, have barely eked out two wins against Indiana. They need all the help and stability in their lineup they can get, especially after such an up-and-down regular season—which hasn't exactly settled down now that it's playoff time. 

Smith, however, was quiet in Game 1 of the series, shooting only four times and scoring six points. In Game 2, during which he only played 18 minutes in due to his injury, he had three field goal attempts and totaled three points. 

Doesn't sound like the J.R. we know and love.

Hopefully, being cleared to play means he'll be more aggressive and back to peak form with renewed confidence. 

God knows the Cavs need him now more than ever. ​​