The choice has been made, and man is it a good one. 

Since 2001, on-and-off since then, the HBO special "Hard Knocks" has given dedicated football fans an inside look into NFL teams and what goes on behind closed doors for them during training camp. 

Last season, the series took an in-depth look at the Los Angeles Rams as they spent their first season back in California. It certainly gave us an interesting perspective in to Jeff Fisher's coaching style. 

Now, it sounds like we know who's up next on the legendary show. 

​​According to reports, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the next team up, as they have been chosen for the next season. 

This means that fans get a close-up look to some undoubtedly interesting situations, such as the leadership and behavior of young QB Jameis Winston, the coaching style of Dirk Koetter as he enters his sophomore season, and the trouble that players like Doug Martin can cause. There's also the DeSean Jackson addition and the Bucs trying to build a playoff roster, which should be interesting. 

Buckle up folks, it's going to be an interesting training camp.

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