​Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors will be back in Oklahoma City on Monday night to take on the Thunder. People are not making as big of a deal out of it, however, as Durant is coping with a knee injury and won't take the court.

The Warriors brass, ironically, wish the Thunder made a bigger deal out of Durant's return the last time around.

Prior to Durant's return to Oklahoma City, tension was in the air. Some statements were released, but largely, there was a silent treatment cast upon Durant. The fans were amped at the first return, though, mocking Durant in all sorts of ways and even harassing his mother at the game.

The Thunder could have celebrated the return of one of the greatest players in team history, but they preferred to focus on their current core - that's their right. Oklahoma City leadership certainly didn't need to ratchet up tension further (and they didn't), but it wasn't their responsibility to shower a former player with praise while playing with another team.

Of course, the Warriors taking issue with their teammate's treatment brings a little bit of hypocrisy with it.

But that's none of our business...

Either way, there shouldn't be any issues on Monday night; Durant will likely remain hidden away in the locker room, rehabbing his knee.