​The NFL owners are gathering next week for their annual meeting and the competition committee may have some major changes for them to vote on, according to reports.

First, a proposal that could be called the "Bobby Wagner Rule" would eliminate leaping over the center during field goal attempts.

The Seattle Seahawks linebacker did it twice last season. While it looked impressive, it also created some "safety concerns" surrounding the potential for somebody's head to get stepped on, bad optics for a league looking to curb the issue of head injuries.

It would likely have some support among coaches, including Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, who criticized the play last year. Players, meanwhile, are already voicing their displeasure. 

Another rule change could create the triggering of automatic suspensions for specific illegal hits. 

It's unclear what type of hits would trigger those suspensions if the rule is approved, but helmet-to-helmet injuries would probably rank near the top of the list.

If these proposals are made next week, the game of football could have a different feel in 2017.