​Goodness gracious.

There's so many ways for a university to celebrate a stunning victory in the NCAA Tournament. However, has anyone ever done so in such SAVAGE fashion? The Wisconsin Badgers rocked ​the NCAA Basketball world on Saturday, upsetting No. 1 Villanova.

Moments after the final whistle, the University of Wisconsin's official Twitter account posted a gif to celebrate. And it's one for the ages! 

Forget Throwback Thursday, because although this video has resurfaced, we've got to go with Savaged Saturday. This is just an epic troll job by the university on Villanova.

The Wildcats entered the tournament as the No. 1 overall seed, hoping to repeat as NCAA champs. They ran into the brick wall that is the Badgers, though, and saw their dreams crushed on national TV. 

Kudos to Wisconsin for doing the unthinkable. Brackets have officially been ruined, causing a stream of tears to flow throughout the country. Are they worse than the band member's featured above? 

You bet. Especially if you're a Villanova fan. 

It's just not fair, man. You know who would approve of such a savage response? 

This guy.

Of course, not everyone approved.

Don't worry, Nova fans. Philly teams win championships all the time, right?