This is a stunner. 

The Cleveland Browns have a king's fortune to spend in free agency this offseason, with over $100 million in open space. However, I don't think anyone expected them to spend it this way. 

According to reports, the Houston Texans are trading QB Brock Osweiler to the Cleveland Browns along with a second-round pick, just so that the Browns will take Osweiler's monster salary away from Houston. 

​​What. A. Deal. 

This move cleans $16 million off of the Texans books, while the Browns easily absorb it while receiving a second-round pick in return for it. Honestly, it's a smart move for both teams at this point. 

​​Cleveland will not commit to Osweiler in this deal, rather it was more important to them to capture a second-rounder while they had the chance. 

This ultimately sets the stage for the Houston Texans to make a blockbuster trade to acquire Tony Romo, as they will now be able to absorb his monstrous contract with Osweiler no longer on the roster. 

Things are just getting started folks. 

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