​In the midst of free agency signings, Bill Belichick swoops in and makes a trade. 

Because of course he does.

​According to multiple reports, the Patriots have traded for Colts tight end Dwayne Allen. 

​​This also all but guarantees the Patriots won't be pursuing free agent TE Martellus Bennett. 

New England is always looking for Gronk insurance on the cheap, and Allen fits that bill. At 6-3, 255 pounds, Allen is exactly the kind of dual-threat blocking and receiving tight end that Belichick is so fond of. He also just signed a four-year, $29 million contract last year. 

​The real question will be if Allen can reproduce Bennett's production if Gronk goes down again. He only had 35 catches for 400 yards as he was overtaken on the depth chart by Stanford product Jack Doyle. But Allen was an effective redzone target, producing 6 touchdowns despite his limited targets. 

Allen became expendable after Doyle signed a three-year, $19 million contract yesterday, which made it easier for the Patriots to acquire him for a pretty reasonable price. 

A fourth-rounder is nothing to scoff at, but also not as high a cost as it could have been for a tight end with Allen's talent, especially while getting a sixth-rounder in return. 

New England specializes in taking underutilized players from other teams and making them work in their system, so it will be interesting to see what they do with him. It's a good depth move that gives them versatility on offense and a 27-year-old on a cheap contract. 

Another smart trade by Belichick and co.