Lately, it seems like Justin Verlander is sick of everyone and everything. ​Back in October, he said some ​racially insensitive things that he later apologized for. 

​In November, Verlander got into an argument with a BBWAA wr​iter over comments his fiancée made about the Cy Young Award. 

Verlander is also trying to lead the charge to ​eradicate steroids from baseball, but most recently, he's had enough of Spring Training and the people who take it too seriously. 

I think it's safe to say most ballplayers aren't the biggest fans of Spring Training, and the general consensus around baseball is that you don't necessarily take too much away from the games, as players look to round into regular-season form. 

Verlander had a decent outing today, tossing three innings, allowing four hits, two walks, and only one run, while striking out two batters, but some fans apparently weren't happy with either Verlander or the team's performance (the Tigers lost 11-6​​ to the Phillies). 

At least one fan didn't care for his message via Twitter.

But Verlander came down to calmly explain the purpose of Spring Training. 

Spring Training results mean nothing, and since they don't count towards the playoff race, it's best to just enjoy what amounts to a public warm up to the season. 

While other players are still working to get in shape, it looks like Verlander's Twitter game is already in midseason form.