The offseason has already begun for the Washington Redskins. 

This team is wasting no time moving forward with their roster for next season, and with plenty in motion ahead of them, there are already key pieces of the team that Washington is focusing on bringing back. 

It may not be the big splash everyone is looking for, but the Redskins have inked a seasoned veteran who will be back in D.C for the long run: long snapper Nick Sundberg. 


No, it may not be as enticing as re-signing a player like DeSean Jackson, but it needed to happen. Everybody forgets about a long snapper until he's gone.

It's one of the most glory-less positions in the NFL. No one gets excited after a great snap. They only notice when you mess up. The only time Washington realized who Sundberg was, was when he was hurt this season, sending the team scrambling to find a replacement. 

Consistency is key in the NFL, and Sundberg is nothing but consistent. 

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